How are skin diseases treated—The Ayurveda Way

How are skin diseases treated—The Ayurveda Way

The skin, being the body's first line of protection, is very much vulnerable to infections and other terrible disorders. Apart from external factors, there are internal factors too that form a primary reason for causing skin problems. Skin diseases are considered one of the first signs of an imbalance inside the human body. Lack of internal equilibrium manifests in the form of these diseases. Skin diseases are caused by doshic imbalance, according to Ayurveda, and ayurvedic therapy focuses on restoring harmony and balance in the individual. Long-term skin diseases and chronic problems like dermatitis and eczema can be alleviated with Ayurveda. 

It is vital to analyze the individual and their skin condition before treating skin diseases from an ayurvedic perspective. That’s why the doctors at the Ayurveda Skin Disease clinic in Coimbatore, India, assess the individual's doshic composition, nutrition, lifestyle, pulse, and existing skin health before beginning or prescribing any type of medicine or treatment. We, at AVPRF Specialty Clinics, aim to reestablish the doshic equilibrium to provide an effective skin disease treatment. A balanced diet and lifestyle with a good mix of food, exercise, herbs, meditation, and minor changes in the daily routine are advised as a first step in treating these skin diseases. Ayurveda treatments such as traditional ayurvedic massage (abhyanga) are also used to help restore balance and enhance skin health at our Speciality clinics.

Ayurvedic detox called Panchakarma is the most effective treatment for expelling toxins from the body. Panchakarma is a technique that focuses on five unique fundamental activities to manage the body: Vomiting, Purgation, Niruham, Anuvaasan, and Nasyam. Panchakarma is a foundation upon which the majority of Ayurvedic techniques are established. This is a complete cleansing and detoxification therapy that removes all toxins from the body at the cellular level. When the body is free of toxins, it regains balance, and the organs, including the skin, resume normal function.

While there are many useful herbs and ointments that provide temporary relief from wounds, skin irritation, or lesions, Ayurveda always goes to the underlying cause so that the patient's body may be restored to a healthy balance and both the primary and secondary symptoms of skin diseases can be eliminated. That’s why we assess the root cause of the ailment before beginning our Ayurvedic treatment for skin diseases. 

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