Foods that Heal — Best foods for people with Diabetes

Foods that Heal — Best foods for people with Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic condition marked by high blood glucose (or blood sugar) levels, which can cause catastrophic damage to the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys, and nerves over time. The medications currently in practice have not eradicated the disease and in most cases, it fails to prevent complications. The best way to avoid complications is to maintain a balanced blood sugar level. The blood sugar level is directly related to the food that a person consumes. It's critical to maintain blood glucose control with diet, exercise, and medication. This can help to forestall or avoid kidney, eye, nerve, and heart conditions, as well as other diabetic complications.

Food as medicine

Foods rich in fiber will help diabetes patients to remove excess blood glucose from the body. So it is always necessary to include fiber-rich foods as a part of daily food intake. 

Indian Traditional dishes are rich in Fibre which helps for Digestion, Metabolism, and Evacuation. 

Banana Stem – One of the most ignored veg items which have a major role in reducing blood sugar levels. Banana stem juice helps for GIT hydration and faster reduction of Blood Sugar Levels.  Cooked stem helps to improve digestion and evacuation. 

Bitter gourd – Sometimes bitter is better. The bitter guard helps to reduce blood sugar levels and helps to maintain the health of the Pancreas. According to Ayurveda, the thiktha rasa helps to remove the Kleda (Metabolic Waste), and thus it helps to reduce Blood sugar levels as well as cholesterol. 

Barley – Among all pathya,yava is more highlighted by all the Acharyas by telling “yavapradhanastubhavetpramehi”. The different preparations of yava are explained in the text likeYavaudana (Cooked Yava), Vatya (Gruel prepared from yava), Yava Saktu (flour of yava), Apoopa (like chapatti, poori), Dhana (fried yava). 

Millets - The glycemic index (GI) of millet is lower than that of many other available types of grains. Millets boost your blood sugar slowly and gradually rather than in quick spikes. High-fiber, low-GI meals stabilize blood sugar, decrease cholesterol, and promote weight loss. For managing diabetes, all of these foods are pretty advantageous.

Amalaki – Multiple clinical studies have been done in various parts of the globe to know the effect of Amlaki in diabetes Patients. Studies show that Amalaki is having α-amylase inhibitory and α-glucosidase inhibitory effects in diabetes patients. It is the best fruit for daily consumption which has an antihyperglycemic effect, anti-inflammatory effect, and immune-modulatory effect which helps diabetes patients to avoid complications. 

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Dr. Arun T Namboothiri 

Research Associate & Physician

Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases Clinic

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