Rtucharya : The Unspoken Bond Between Man and Nature

Rtucharya : The Unspoken Bond Between Man and Nature

One of the best conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken

There is a profound and unspoken bond between man and nature. "Mother Nature" as we rightly personify, has been so kind and generous to us that we will never be totally independent of her. As a result, every minute alteration it undergoes has an impact on living creatures, and our life is just at her mercy.

All living beings learn to shift and adapt to climatic changes in perfect harmony. Hibernation, migratory behavior, and camouflage are a few such examples. These practices are very important for their health and survival. 

The nature of the land, water, air, and other atmospheric phenomena such as temperature, humidity, wind, rain, clouds, and atmospheric pressure are examples of such environmental elements. All of these environmental aspects are constantly changing, and no two moments in a particular location are ever the same. The maximum and minimum temperatures vary daily they are the highest in the summer and lowest in the winter. Similarly, all of these components exhibit diurnal as well as seasonal fluctuations, and these variations over a certain time period are referred to as seasons.

As Ayurveda is about the way of living, there is an organized explanation for taking care of these alterations which are termed Rtu - Charya. Also, one important concept in the classics is regarding the seasons. ‘Rtu’ is the seasons / assigned time, while ‘charya’ is the regime/routine. The rtu charya context covers all details of the day which are Diet, Exercise, clothing, sleep, and conduct. Thus, a year of acclimatization and keeping adjacent to nature for healthy existence.

Rtu is a time frame that was used among the earlier generations, which can be divided as Dakshinayana & Uttarayana. This time frame is based on the dominance of the sun or in fact the impact of the sun on Mother Nature. 

During Uttarayan, the sun and wind are extremely intense, robbing people of their strength and the earth's cooling properties. During Dakshinayaan, the sun sheds its power, the moon becomes stronger, and the earth regains its coolness through clouds, rain, and chilly winds. The six seasons are also included in these kaals, with summer, spring, and cold seasons forming the Uttrayana kala and rainy, autumn, and winter seasons forming the Dakshinayaan Kala. Diet, exercise, and conduct need to be aligned keeping this in mind. Also, the panchakarma procedure offered by best the Panchakarma treatment clinics can also be adopted according to the prescription. 

With increasing concerns about global warming and untimely seasonal changes, this concept holds great importance. However, with the understanding of Ritucharya, we may certainly prevent problems by following a regimen in line with the Ritu to preserve the Tridosha's equilibrium and to be healthy forever.

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Dr. Chaithanya

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