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SASTRA – Surgical & Anorectal Clinic

AVP Research Foundation's Ayurvedic surgical and anorectal clinic in Coimbatore, India, SASTRA- School for Advanced Surgical Training and Research in Ayurveda, is the premium institution pioneering the noble science of Surgery in Ayurveda. The integration of classical Ayurvedic Surgical and Para Surgical procedures like Kshara Karma, Kshara Sutra, Agni Karma, Bloodletting therapy, etc., renders unparallel cure in Anorectal disorders like Fistula, Piles, Fissure, Pilonidal sinus, Rectal prolapse; and also in various other diseases like Varicose vein, Wounds, Corns and Warts. The classical bandaging procedures coupled with the Marma and manipulation techniques provide swift relief in acute pain and various sports injuries like Sprain, Strain, Tendinitis, Dislocation, etc. Proper care of the patient is ensured by early and prompt diagnosis and by providing adequate treatment.

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