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GOTRA – Gynec and obstetrics

AVP Research Foundation's GOTRA Specialty Clinic-Gynecological and Obstetrical Training and Research in Ayurveda. Among the 8 branches classically, woman health is included under the mother and child care – Bala Chikitsa. We bring to you a specialized branch providing complete care from menarche to menopause. Traditionally Ayurveda suggests various regimens for a healthy reproductive period. It includes Ritumaticharya (Regimens during menstrual phase)., Garbha sanskara (Pre-Conceptional care), Garbhiniparicharya (Ante-Natal Care), Sootika Paricharya (Post natal/ Puerprual Care) etc. This holistic science gives importance to couples – Both male and female in Pre-Concetional care. It includes both diet and lifestyle modifications.
It also caters to gynaecological and obstetrical disorders. Few common issues include – Menstrual disorders - Scantly flow, heavy bleeding; Leucorrhea (white discharge), Infertility, Menopausal issues; Fibroids, Breast lumps/tumors ; infections of Vagina, Cervix etc. Ayurveda has a range of local procedures for combating such issues effectively. It includes – Prakshalana, Pichu, Dhoopana, Purana, Varti etc in Yoni, Ksharakarma etc.
Another special procedure known as Uttarabasti, is practiced in our clinic. It is one among the Panchakarma treatments. It is a para-surgical procedure where medicines are administered through urethral or vaginal routes. This vasti helps in expelling Doshas from the uterus, thus eradicating diseases related to uro-genital system.

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